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These atomizers are used by advanced users that enjoy rebuilding their devices to suit them right.

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  1. Kayfun Lite Plus

    Kayfun Lite Plus


    The Kayfun Lite Plus by SvoeMesto is a German made atomizer constructed with stainless steel. The Kayfun Lite plus has a couple of added features. It now has adjustable airflow, and the fill valve has been recessed further into the bottom cap now with an o-ring making it leak proof. Learn More
  2. Ruzgar by Highwind Innovations
  3. IGO W+

    IGO W+


    IGO W+ rebuild able atomizer is the new revamped version of the IGOW. Now with bigger stock air flow and bigger post holes. Stainless steel construction with three posts and Phillips head screws. Comes in stainless steel, black, and rose gold. Learn More
  4. Origen Dripper V3 by Norbert

    Origen Dripper V3 by Norbert


    Control of Air Flow double and single coils, diameter 1.2mm / 1.5mm / 2mm / 2.5mm Top cap of Origen Genesis v2 serialized included Spares Kit bottom feeder optional Large 1ml juice well Learn More
  5. Kennedy RDA

    Kennedy RDA


    The Kennedy RDA by Kennedy Enterprises We saw this RDA a few months ago when it was still in prototyping and were intrigued. Now that we have the final product in our hands we are not disappointed! The Kennedy RDA by Kennedy Enterprises implements airflow from directly underneath the coil, swooping up every last bit of vapor your coils are kicking out. Other atomizers in the past have attempted this but one major issue is that they tended to leak, get clogged from over dripping, or were just plain lacking airflow! The Kennedy atty tackles all of this. The airflow comes from the base of the atomizer, leaving your cap sleek, smooth, and leak resistant. The airflow is directed to your coils via tunnels that are raised well above the build deck. This not only gives you a HUGE juice well but also prevents your wick from blocking and clogging airflow! A nice little touch with the airflow being separate from your top cap is that you can line up the top cap’s logo with any engraving you may have on your mod, creating a nice sleek appearance. The Kennedy is a tank of an atomizer and functions like a steam engine. Learn More
  6. Tugboat V2

    Tugboat V2


    The new Tugboat version 2 is now a 3 piece design! The base is sporting a copper center post, the sleeve comes with two holes pre-drilled on both sides, and the top cap has adjustable airflow control allowing you to run single or dual coils. The tugboat also comes with a matching serialized drip tip. Learn More
  7. Authentic Low Pro RDA

    Authentic Low Pro RDA


    The LowPro RDA is the shortest atomizer that has been released thus far in the market, measuring an absolutely unbelievable 10mm from base to the start of the widebore drip tip, combining with ample dual and single adjustable airflow, a 3.5mm deep juice well, and a unique build deck.The LowPro takes a unique method to the build and post construction, utilizing a cross deck post system that features negatives milled directly from the outer rim and an isolated positive post. This style enables a plethora of builds, including dual coil and single coil configurations. The positive post is plated in silver to ensure a high level of electrical conductivity. Airflow options maximize at 10mm by 2mm for dual or single airflow configurations, allowing for absolutely tremendous airflow while also being able to be throttled down for flavor centric vaping styles. A Delrin Honeycomb Filter simultaneously reduces spitback while providing airflow disruption, connecting into a 12mm competition widebore tip. Packing in a full feature list into an unbelievable form factor, the LowPro RDA by is the quintessential RDA for extreme stealth and compact set-up chasers. Learn More
  8. Moonshot by Sigelei and Suprimo

    Moonshot by Sigelei and Suprimo


    The Sigelei Moonshot Two Post RTA is a compact rebuildable tank atomizer aimed directly at a recreating high powered RDA experience with the benefits of a tank reservoir, combining a wide surface area 13mm by 1mm dual adjustable airflow with dual 5mm diameter inner airholes, a two post build deck, a gold plated non redirected positive pin, and quad 3mm diameter wick ports that result in staggering overall capability. Designed to compete with high power capable RDAs, the Moonshot measures a compact 32mm from base to drip tip base, maintaining a well balanced profile. Using the wide area top fill system, users can easily fill the 2ml tank capacity. The Moonshot's build deck features a two post design with one 2mm diameter terminal per post, allowing for easy mounting of dual coil builds. Utilized in conjunction with the locking well, high power builds driven up to 200W can be achieved with steady wicking rates, as the Moonshot features quad 3mm diameter wicking ports. For maximum conductivity, a 24K Gold Plated Center Pin features a direct to contact design resulting in minimal voltage drop due to the lack of redirection of electrical current. The build deck and chimney system is designed to be smaller chambered than typical build decks, creating a higher level of flavor delivery. To feed the potential of the system, dual 13mm by 1mm airslots direct airflow into two 5mm diameter airholes located in the build deck, allowing for absolutely massive vapor production. The wide area airflow also delivers cooling to a wider surface area in the subdeck, effectively cooling the entire system. Combining the form factor and capability of a RDA with the reservoir of a tank, the Sigelei Moonshot 200W Two Post RTA by Suprimo is a high performance platform designed for extreme vapor chasing. Learn More
  9. Tsunami RDA by Geek Vapes

    Tsunami RDA by Geek Vapes


    Specifications: Dimensions: 22*29.5mm (Without Drip Tip) 510 Drip Tip Adapter Two Adjustable Kennedy Style Airflow Holes Rectangular Post Holes (2.1*3.0mm) Improved Velocity Style Deck Deep Juice Well Three Types Of Drip Tips 14.2mm Delrin Chuff Style Wide Bore Drip Tip 14.5mm Delrin Chuff Style Wide Bore Drip Tip 12.5mm Stainless Steel 510 Drip Tip PEEK Insulator Gold Plated Adjustable 510 Pin Learn More

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